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Why is Kinetic Computer Services the right network consulting organization for you? Three words:


Responsive - It doesn't matter how good your consultant is if you can't reach him when you need to. If you're used to waiting around all day, wondering if and when your consultant will return your voice mail, you are going to be pleasantly surprised with us. When you call us for help, you'll usually be connected to a consultant right away. When voice mail is necessary, you'll usually get a return call in less than an hour.

Professional - A professional consultant does a lot more than fix whatever computer and networking problems you're having right now. As professionals, we will take the time to learn your business goals, and then we will make sure you are fully informed of all your options before taking any action. We will communicate with you about what has been done and will identify any weak spots in your system and help you prepare for the future. Being professional also means we will make sure that any passwords or other vital information are left with you, and that the highest ethical standards are followed.

Capable - In addition to being responsive and professional, you need a consultant who is capable - someone who can solve your problems. You need someone who can get the simple jobs done quickly and move on, so that you can get back to being productive. You need someone who has had plenty of experience, who can recognize common problems and dispatch them with ease. And when the uncommon problems come up, you need someone intelligent and creative, who can find a little-known solution, or invent a new solution if necessary. You need Kinetic Computer Services.

To find out more about how Kinetic Computer Services can help you, call us at 713-831-6844.